FeatureD Videos

Below are different videos of OwlCappella performing, along with both of our hit music videos!


Invincible (opb Kelly Clarkson)

Nick Van Meter and Alex Dovgala-Carr, solos

Tyler Lawson, arrangement.

Music video recorded and edited by Tyler Meacham.

Music recorded by Liquid 5th Productions.

End, an owlcappella original song

Written and Arranged by our very own Audrey Bristol-Evans!

Alex Dovgala-Carr and Audrey Bristol-Evans, solos

Greedy (opb ariana grande)

Nick Van Meter and Jay Wade, solos

Nick Van Meter, arrangement

Someone New (opb hozier)

Jay Wade, Solo

Nicholas Goodyear, arrangement

hold back the river (opb james bay)

Nick Van Meter and Nicholas Goodyear, solo

Evan Weisblatt, arrangement

Roar (opb katy perry)

Tara Simpson and Kylie Hewitt, solos

Tyler Lawson, arrangement

Music video recorded and edited by Patrick Simpson

Music recorded by Silvertone Studios